5 Signs You Need to Redesign/Update Your Website

5 Signs You Need to Redesign/Update Your Website

Have you wondered if it’s time to redesign or update your website? Are your website visitors and online enquiries dwindling?

Small businesses typically have small budgets and it can be difficult to allocate funds to a website you paid good money for a few years ago. However, times have changed and the way consumers use the internet to make purchases and find service providers, along with search engine changes, means your website must be treated as an ongoing marketing project.

There are many reasons why your website might need to be updated or redesigned:

  1. Poor design/Things are broken
    It may have been poorly designed in the beginning – i.e clunky navigation, cluttered design, forms and links not working, blurry images or it was built on old technology that no longer works.
  2. Display issues
    It doesn’t display properly in current browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari. This is possibly a result of your website being built on old coding or outdated technology.
  3. It’s not mobile friendly
    If it was designed more than 3 years ago it may not be a ‘responsive design’ which means viewers have a poor experience when using your site on mobile/tablet and Google will be penalising you. To find out if your site is a responsive design view your website on your mobile or resize your browser window until it’s as thin as it can go.
  4. It’s slow to load
    With so many people using their mobiles to browse the internet, Google does not treat slow loading sites favourably and other websites may get priority over yours in search results. Old code or images with large file sizes could be contributing to your website taking too long to load.
  5. It’s not optimisation for search
    The text on your site doesn’t contain cohesive sentences that contain keywords and phrases that describe your business and/or your products. Failing to have a site optimised for search can result in lost revenue simply because customers can’t find you.

Your website is a key marketing tool that enables you to reach unlimited customers and you cannot afford to neglect it because you already ‘paid good money for it’. Consumers expect websites to work properly, load quickly and be super easy to use and if yours doesn’t they’ll move on to your competitor.

If you would like a free assessment of your website including suggestions on how it can be improved please contact me today.

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