Is Your Business Using Google Analytics?

Is Your Business Using Google Analytics?

If you’re running a business and it has a website you absolutely need to be using Google Analytics. No excuses.

It surprises me how many businesses I come across who are totally unaware of what’s happening on their website. “Build it and they will come” does not apply here. “Build it, track it, measure it, assess it and tweak it and they might come.” is a more apt statement when it comes to websites.

So what will you discover about your business when you start using Google Analytics? For the beginner I’d recommend starting with the basics; the number of users visiting your site each month, how many pages on average each visitor is looking at, the time they spend at your site and your bounce rate (people who view one page and leave).

From there you can branch out and begin to discover the most (and least) viewed pages at your site, which devices people are using – mobile, tablet, desktop – where your visitors are originating from ie. Google, Bing, referral, social media, where your visitors are geographically located and so on.

Once you’ve got the basics covered you can get more adventurous and analyse your traffic with specific goals in mind. Let’s say you have a contact form or an item that can be downloaded at your site. By setting up Events or Goals you can clearly see what is and isn’t working on your website. If 100 people visited your contact form page in a month but only 5 people actually filled it out that should be a red flag and reason to reassess what the visitor experiences are at the site. Is there a problem with the form? Does the form work in all browsers across all device types?

Likewise, if you have a sudden flurry of activity and new visitors you would want to know what caused it and then figure out how to keep it happening.  These suggestions are just a handful of what you can measure and assess when it comes to your website traffic.

Setting up Google Analytics is free and relatively easy to implement. You can sign up for a Google Analytics account yourself – if you already have a Gmail account or any kind of Google account for your business use the same account as it will be easier to tie everything together.  Once you have your Google Analytics account set up you will receive a piece of coding. Give this coding to your web developer, or if you no longer are in touch find a new one to embed the code into your website for you.

Once your code is installed you can either educate yourself on how to use Google Analytics or you can hire someone to generate a report for you each month. If you’re going to be doing your own reporting and analysis I recommend keeping a spreadsheet so you can assess changes over time.

If you need help setting up or analysing your website traffic I’d love to help get you started – contact me for a quote.

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