Should Social Media be a Priority for Your Small Business?

Should Social Media be a Priority for Your Small Business?

The Facebook announcement in early 2018 regarding changes to the news feed was bound to send plenty of marketing departments into a flurry. In simple terms, Facebook will begin to prioritise posts that spark meaningful interactions between friends, families and groups which is what Facebook was all about in the beginning—a way to keep in touch with and see what your family and friends were up to. While this change is great for the public, brands might be less inclined to agree.

Small or solo-run businesses typically have limited staff and time and therefore must be clever about their marketing efforts. So which of the most popular social platforms, if any, should you be using to promote your business?


The changes to news feed priorities will result in your business having to try even harder to get followers and keep them engaged. If you’re already on Facebook you should maintain your presence as new customers may look you up, however, spending oodles of time coming up with loads of content is not going to pay off. Your new mantra should be “Quality over quantity.” Two to three posts a week that add value or are interesting is more than enough. If you utilise Facebook advertising expect to begin paying more but with better odds of being seen.

If you’re yet to start a Facebook business page carefully consider if you have the time to come up with content that people may never see or if your time is better spent elsewhere.


According to Social Media News* Instagram now ranks as the third most popular social media platform in Australia (Dec 2017). While ‘visual’ has been the rage for several years now, Instagram requires very little input or engagement from the user which may not be a plus for business. Is your image just another in the hundred a person flicks past in one day? When that person saw your image did they even mentally register your brand? This platform is perfect for certain types of businesses ie. interior designer, photographer while others will be wasting their time.


While celebrities may attract huge throngs of followers who hang off their every Tweet, it’s unlikely your small business will do the same. Think carefully and research extensively before committing yourself to maintaining a Twitter account. If you know your customers are big users of the platform then go for it, otherwise, your time is better spent elsewhere.


If you’ve been smart and have your Google business up and running and working for you, you’ll notice you also have a Google+ account. Wait. Does anyone even use Google+? Did they EVER use Google+? If you have regular blog content on your website, by all means, share it on Google+, otherwise move on to better things.


You should have a LinkedIn account for your business but how much time you spend there really depends on your type of business ie. B2B may find the platform more valuable. If you produce quality blog content for your website then share it via LinkedIn but note the operative word here is quality. If you’re just posting for the sake of posting, don’t.


Ranking at number two (Dec 2017 Social Media News*) YouTube is a  popular choice for the masses hungry to pass the time online. So should you be busy trying to churn out the next viral sensation? No. YouTube may be of value to those who want to demonstrate products or their expertise but most small businesses won’t find it worth the time and skills needed to produce a quality video. Producing a professionally shot brand video for your website is another story and worth investing funds in.


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