The Value of Professional Design

The Value of Professional Design

This flyer for a local mobile hairdresser landed in my letterbox recently. (Yes, people still do letterbox drops). Normally I would sling this type of marketing straight in the recycle bin but my passion for well-designed marketing material got the better of me.  I decided to give it a ‘marketing appraisal’ and a quick redesign.

When designing a piece of marketing material the first thing to do is think about the end user. In this instance, the physical product – an A4 piece of paper with print on it – isn’t practical. What is the recipient going to do with it? It will probably go two ways; sit on the bench and eventually get moved from A to B to C until it’s either lost or thrown out or it will go straight in the bin/recycle.

Most mortals are in need of a regular haircut (unless dreadlocks are in order) and this business owner has missed a great opportunity at leaving a lasting impression. She would have been better off leaving a business card that could be tucked into a wallet or a smaller printed piece that could easily be stuck to the fridge with a magnet or better yet an actual magnet if her budget stretched that far.

Alana also should have included pricing in the flyer or not mentioned it at all – ‘Price list available on request’. Having someone proofread your work is also recommended. Does the writing flow? Does it make sense? Could it be said in fewer words?

If your marketing budget is tight it’s still worth getting a few initial pieces designed for your business. Your customers are more likely to respond to professional looking marketing material; it equates to you caring about your business and ultimately them, the customer.

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