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Your website is the online ‘face’ of your company and is an important marketing asset. Like most things, it requires ongoing attention to ensure it’s performing well and that your company/organisation is reaping the benefits.

Website design is a delicate balance of functionality and aesthetics. Your customers should be able to navigate your site easily, find the information they seek with minimum fuss and be able to contact or purchase from you with ease.

I offer the following website services:

Website Assessment

Is your website easy to use and navigate? I’ll go through every inch of your website and give you a written report that will include:

  • a written assessment – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • a list of site problems
  • a list of broken links
  • suggestions for improving your text
  • assessment of 6 unique pages with an ideal solution and quick fix suggestions
  • SEO report

Existing Websites

  • one-off updating
  • ongoing management of existing sites
  • image preparation
  • editing/rewriting existing site content
  • search engine optimisation
  • Google Analytics set up
  • Google business set up if required

So why hire me? I have worked with websites since the 1990’s and have an intrinsic understanding that website design is more about the end user than it is about making a ‘whiz-bang’ looking website. Need help with your website? Contact me for a quote today.

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